My name is Kate Powell, I’m 18, and I live in West Yorkshire. I've wanted to be an artist since my 2nd birthday, when my uncle got me a ‘mega-sketcher’ and I realised that drawing was the one thing that came naturally to me. I was very young when I realised art would be the driving force of my entire life. My ability to draw was something I carried around with me every single day, it was part of me, it made me who I was. To this day, art is shaping who I am. It is bringing me new opportunities, allowing me to meet fantastic people, and constantly gives me hope. These days I just draw what I WANT to see, or draw when I need to express myself. I have loved nature all my life, it is beautiful and pure and weird, and it is incorporated into most of my work some way or another. Whether I'm embellishing portraits and figures with elements of nature to combine ‘human’ and ‘natural’ beauty, or using it as a metaphor for thought, it is often the backbone of what I do. Butterflies are a regular occurrence, my awareness of The Butterfly Project has meant that they have come to represent little emblems of hope. I still feel a little bit unsure about labelling myself as an 'artist', but drawing is what I do and who I am. If I didn’t draw I’d curl up and die. Every big breakthrough starts as a hare-brained idea, and I am trying to go off into the deep end, and take my art a little bit further, and this is what motivates me to keep going. I have a lot to learn, and learn I shall. I am currently taking my A levels, I then plan to do an art foundation year, and then a three year BFA/FA at a nice university. Buy prints ✿ Users Online

Finally finished drawing this! all done with one pencil :)
click high-res!
  1. wryer:

    Finally finished drawing this! all done with one pencil :)

    click high-res!

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    and then i look at the stuff i draw and think, holy shit i give up lol this is amazing:|
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