“Kate Louise Powell is an 18 year old amateur artist from West Yorkshire, UK, currently studying Foundation diploma in Art & Design at Leeds College of Art. After drawing recreationally her whole life, Kate started to take her artistic career more seriously in 2012 and produced a number of popular illustrations with the reoccurring motifs of flowers and butterflies. Since then she has experimented with photography, mixed media, and paint, but still works mostly in pencil, although she now aims to create more personal and emotive portraits. Kate seeks to produce work that is a greater expression of herself whilst continuing to include the theme of nature and questions of beauty. By 2015 she hopes to be attending a BA/BFA course at university and then wishes to pursue a career in fine art and/or illustration.” In 2011 I started to take drawing more seriously. I have loved nature all my life, it is the backbone of everything, it is beautiful and horrible, and it is incorporated into most of my drawings and paintings. I like to embellish portraits and figures with elements of nature to combine ‘human’ and ‘natural’ beauty, and I also like to use nature to express more personal and emotional ideas. Butterflies are a regular occurrence, my awareness of and involvement in The Butterfly Project has meant that they have come to represent quiet emblems of hope. As art is slowly becoming a bigger part of my life, my work is growing more personal and closer to my heart. When it comes down to art, what motivates me most of all is the blankness of the page in front of me which cries out with so much possibility. I look at the blank sheet in front of me and know that I can do anything. I am free, there are no rules. To this day, art is shaping who I am. It is bringing me new opportunities, allowing me to meet fantastic people, and constantly giving me hope. If I didn’t draw I’d curl up and die.   Buy prints ✿ Users Online

today’s drawing
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    today’s drawing

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